Smaragd Park
Mature quality lifestyle!
Reifer Lebensstil mit Qualität!

Retire in style!
Retirees' residential park HUNGARY


General information

Easy Travelling

Retire in style at the center of Europe

From Hungary you can reach any destination within few hours and every major airliner provides inexpensive trips to chose from!

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Perpetual holidays?
Why not? You have worked hard and you deserve the best!
At Smaragd Park we offer you top quality services so you get the best value for your money!

Activities, Events, Socializing
Excursions to the nearby beautiful Matra mountains, gardening, sports, hobbies, recreation, or just relax reading a favorite book, will be so easy to do!
Also, we'll arrange for you special events for Christmas, Easter, New Year's eve, St. Michael's day patron of the village etc.

Balanced and nutritious meals
Three (3) delicious meals a day, with great variety to choose from will be the easy way to live without bothering about shopping & cooking

Cleaning service
Weekly change of linen and towels as well as biweekly cleaning of the flat will be done by our cheerful personnel

Dental & Medical care
Our professional personnel will assist you at your medical needs.Whether you need a dentist or physician for a regular check, we shall take care to cover you with the best professionals

Quality living
You shall get the highest standards of living since Smaragd Park premises are designed with the cutting-edge of German technology in mind